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Utility Uniform and Boots. You will need to purchase these items: The prescribed uniform for the Young Marines is the camouflage utility uniform.It is to be made in the WOODLAND PATTERN material.  You may get the Ripstop material or the Cotton material. The cover (hat), belt, patches and red T-Shirt will be provided by the organization.The boots needed are JUNGLE BOOTS - all black, with lightweight upper material. So ...  Young Marines need to purchase the camouflage shirt, trousers, and black jungle boots.

M&C ARMY SURPLUS.  A local vendor that provides these items is M&C Army Surplus Store.  They are located at 626 NW 13th Street in Gainesville.  Their phone is 378-6960.  (Note: many of our Young Marines buy their articles from M&C.  They are local, you can try on the items, you can take them back if there is a problem, and you don't pay shipping.  Just worth a mention.)

ONLINE.  An on-line vendor you may purchase from is www.youngmarineuniforms.com.  This site is run by an active Young Marine leader.  His claim is that you shouldn't have to pay so much and you should get high quality items. 


PT Shorts and Shirt. Part of your dues is for a PT uniform.  We provide the first pair of unit shorts and tee-shirts for physical training (running, jumping, situps, etc).  We stock extras so that you may purchase replacements when needed.  See the unit Adjutant if you are interested in purchasing.

ACCESSORIES. Gifts and accessories are available through the National Website. Click on the button that says Chester's Gift Shop.  However, if you need ribbons of any kind, check with the unit staff.  We have acquired a stock of the ribbons we have issued and are likely to use.

CONTACT US. If you have questions about supplies or gear that your child needs, get a message to us by contacting our Adjutant via email. This will allow us to get the item or respond to you without having to wait for the next meeting.

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