Meet The Staff

We consider it an honor to work with your Young Marine. We want you to know a little about the instructors and unit staff members.

Commanding Officer - Cary Hill

 Marine veteran Cary Hill served on active duty in the late 1950's, including an amphibious landing of Marines into Beirut to suppress a rebel uprising.  Marine Hill has been serving this community for more than 35 years and is a Past Commandant of our sponsor, Gator Detachment 990, Marine Corps League.  Mr. Hill led the Milton Lewis Unit to be the 2009 National Unit of the Year.

Executive Officer - Dick Lester

Mr. Lester is a Marine Veteran who served in Vietnam.  He has been working with the Young Marine program for many years and enjoys improving the lives of our youth.  He is retired from the City of Gainesville, a previous recipient of the Alachua County Veteran of the Year and is a Past Commandant of our sponsor, Gator Detachment 990, Marine Corps League.

Adjutant - Jamie Hill

Mrs. Hill, wife of the CO, has lent her organization and communication skills to the unit. She keeps attendance, documents awards, prepares paperwork, submits reports, responds to inquiries about membership, publishes information to our Young Marines, and much more. Her dedication is noteworthy and the unit benefits from her talents. She has served as the First Florida Regimental Adjutant and now serves as the Division 3 Adjutant.

Paymaster - Janai Collins

Ms. Collins, mother of former Young Marine Alex Collins, who served as the Regimental and Division Sergeant Major, has been with us for years, lending her time and talents to the benefit of the unit.  In addition to tracking all the financial information, she leads by example in physical fitness and endurance.

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About those volunteers ...

All of our positions, including the Commanding Officer, are volunteers.

All volunteers submit applications for membership and detailed background checks are performed at the National level before applications are approved.

Our staff follows strict guidelines from the national organization on a code of conduct required of staff and Young Marines.

At the local and national level, the safety of our Young Marines is paramount. All that we do is done with constant monitoring of child safety.

Training of our volunteers is carried out on the local, state and national levels.  The Registered Adult Training Sessions are conducted annually in the various regions of America by the national staff with a full day of training.